Sunday, March 14, 2010

God is Good...

Last week was one of the craziest, weird weeks for this family.

We noticed something strange going on with one of the babies toes...

and very quickly things went downhill.

We called the doctor on Wednesday and told him what was going on.  He told us to IMMEDIATELY get the little guy to the ER.  Nothing scares you more than when a doctor says, "Do it immediately!"

So, off we went.

The ER doc acted like, oh yeah, we see this all the time.  She grabbed a scalpel and scissors and literally dug into this little guys toe.  Apparantly he had a hair wrapped so tightly around the toe that it had cut into the flesh.   The back of the toe was almost cut to the bone!  Yikes!

She dug and dug and finally pronounced that she had cut the hair and we would be good to go.  We asked about getting an antibiotic.  She told us that he didn't need one and we should just watch him... he would be fine.

I woke up with him at 4 a.m. and knew that he was hurting.  The toe still didn't look too bad so I got him back to sleep and waited for daylight.

Early that morning, I unwrapped his foot and was met by a really ugly sight!  the toe was so swollen... and you could almost see it getting bigger by the second.  I tossed him in his carseat and headed straight back to the ER.  This time there was a doctor there who seemed like she had actually been to medical school...

She went into action immediately.  She told us there was a chance... a very good chance that he would lose his toe... maybe his foot!  I started praying!  The took x-rays and blood and tried to get a IV started, but it blew.  They told us that we needed to get him to primary childrens in SLC right away.  They shot him full of antibiotics and gave us the option to take our own vehicle or an ambulance.  I chose my car.  I grabbed my hubby from home and off we went. 

As soon as we walked in they rushed us into a room and started all kinds of stuff.  They put Nair ( the hair removal stuff) on his foot and started going for another IV.  They tried his hands, arms, head... Finally, they got one in his hand... and it did not blow.

They started more powerful antibiotics and said we would be staying overnight, at least.  They said we would know more about saving the toe as time went by.

This is what the foot looked like when we arrived at Primary's...

Remember, this is an 8 pound babies toe...

We continued to pray...

And, the Lord was soooo good.  He will keep his toe and foot and we are home!  He is on some pretty powerful antibiotics still, but that is okay.  His toe is only about one size too big now.  The drainage has stopped.  He is eating better and sleeping better.

God is sooooo good!

Thanks for all of your prayers while we were battling this.  It was so appreciated.

By the way, the docs all said that this is a pretty common occurance in babies.  So, check those fingers and toes... frequently.  It can go bad really quickly!

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  1. Yes, I have a friend who's baby girl had a sock string entangled and mom didn't catch it overnight. She felt horrible, but the doc said he does see it quite a bit. Glad it is all well. Praise God


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