Sunday, May 31, 2009

Family Pic...

It's all of us with Bampa and Grandma!!
Thank You Bampa and Grandma...
for putting up with us and our cameras!
We love you!

Friday, May 29, 2009

The Skies the Limit...

May 27, 2009
On this day, my second oldest daughter graduated from high school. Now, as many of you have read before, this wonderful young lady (and I mean that... she is amazing) has struggled BIG time with school. It did not come easy to her. She fought, HARD, for every single grade she received... even the grades that most people really are not proud of. About a year and a half ago, her dad and I sat down and discussed how we really didn't think graduation was possible. (maybe she could have graduated in a year or two but not now)
We talked about what our choices were and how we were really sad that this just might not take place. Something happened to this girl at the end of her junior year...
Suddenly, she could see the light at the end of the tunnel. She went to talk to her councelor... again... and started doing packets to make up for classes that she had failed. She worked hard. She didn't laze around over the summer break, but continued making up classes. She still struggled, but at least she was passing. Her senior year started, and this girl was determined to make it a great year. Her school councelor started wondering if she trusted him to do his job because she went in on a daily basis to check with him about her graduation status. She didn't want to get to the end of the year and find out she still had a class hanging out there that she hadn't made up.
We reluctantly purchased her graduation invitations and ordered her cap and gown. It may sound bad, but we had seen this before and just didn't know if she would follow through. We had a mini celebration when she actually received her cap and gown, but we have seen other students who still didn't receive a diploma even at this point.
I held my emotions in... not wanting to be too disappointed if she needed to do a second "senior" year. Grandma and Bampa flew in for the ceremony... and Mark and I still weren't sure it was going to happen.
When we arrived at the event center for the ceremony, I felt really nervous. I was afraid she wouldn't walk out with the rest of the class... the first thing I did was check the program to see if her name was there. It was!!! Cheyenne Frisbee was there for all to see. Mark and I pointed it out to each other and reminded ourselves that something could still go wrong...

I was on pins and needles when the music began and the students began walking in. Everyone was standing and cheering for their students... but I still hadn't seen mine. Suddenly, I heard one of the kids say, "There she is!"
I looked up and saw my daughter... the one who had struggled and fought, walking into the events center in her cap and gown... on the arm of a fellow student.
I started to cheer and scream her name but instead... I started bawling like a big baby. I cried so hard! Mark and I hugged each other... we had made it. She had acheived her victory.
Suddenly, I was thinking back to two and half years ago... when she had been in a major car accident and very nearly lost her life. I thought about how this could have been a very different day for us. But, here we were... celebrating her acheivement. She glowed when she looked up at us. I don't think I have ever seen her look so amazing!

Above: There was a speaker at the graduation... some board of education member... who spoke forever!!! about coins and all of the words on a coin... BORING... we took a small nap... at least we felt like it.
Below: Chey is the one in the black hat. It says, "I DID IT!"

Below: Chey is waiting to have her name card handed to the announcers.... and then receive her diploma!!!!
OHHHH... the anticipation....

She may be freaking out a little right now...

And then... they announced it... the thing we had all been waiting for...
Cheyenne D. Frisbee
...ham it up, baby, it is your moment to shine!

One of our good friends and neighbors just happens to be on the school board. We were hoping that she would be able to give Cheyenne her diploma, but when it was Chey's turn the other gentleman was handing out diplomas... but...
Our friend pushed him aside and said this was her favorite student... so Yippee...

Then it was over...

Just like that...

So, it was picture time. Here is Chey with Bampa and Grandma.

... with mom and dad

...with mom

...with some of the sisters

We went home, had cake and icecream, opened presents (money, clothes, laptop, etc).

The next day, we noticed that Chey seemed to be in a different world. She really wasn't sure what to do with herself. This goal that she had been so focused on for such a long time had been met. She had done it.

Now what?

You know what I think?...

Watching how hard she had to work to get that diploma...

the skies the limit.

mini vacation...

We had a great couple of days this week.

Mark's parents flew in for Cheyenne's graduation. We kicked back and did very little. We sat in the back yard and watched the kids play. We played a little bocce ball. We took out our new camera and tried to figure it out. We lost a whole bunch of awesome pictures (one we didn't lose is above) which we lost when we tried to download the photos... ugggg! We ate out and in and RELAXED. Mark and I decided it was like a little mini vacation.

I haven't uploaded the graduation pictures yet... but I will in the next few days. Let me tell you, though, that I balled like a big old baby!!! I was absolutely fine until I saw her walking into the stadium in her cap and gown... with the rest of the class... and her name was IN the program... I think I just thought something would go wrong up until that point! And then... I LOST IT! I stood there clapping, while the family was cheering her on and I couldn't say anything because tears were running down my face and I felt like I couldn't catch my breath... She did it!

She Really did it!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Please forgive me...

...for wanting to eat this little boy up!!!

Clayton... you are getting too big!

What a cutie!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Guess who graduates from high school tomorrow?!!

There were times when I really didn't believe this graduation would take place. Getting Cheyenne to this place was a struggle. School comes easy for some... not for her.

I am jumping for joy that she has accomplished this amazing goal!!
Smiling, smiling...

At this very moment, she is at the rehearsal for the graduation. She is learning where to stand and where to walk...

You earned this, baby!

Enjoy each and every moment.

The best is yet to come!

Dear God,
Keep Cheyenne in your hands. Help her to always look to you for guidance. Help her to always choose your way above all others. Bring amazing, Godly people into her life. Lead her as she embarks upon this new journey.

And thank you for believing I was worthy of being mom to such a special young lady.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

wishful thinking...

The kids are running around in the back yard... trying to get rid of some of their energy.
It has been sprinkling a little today.
Hopefully, they will come in tired and ready to settle down for some quiet play... wishful thinking?

housecleaning here I come...

Big time house cleaning going on today. You know... regular saturday.

We are looking forward to Bampa and Grandma visiting in a few days. Plan on getting your photos taken while you are here. We want to get some pics with the whole crew. Probably on Wednesday...

It is so funny that I am feeling anxious today. I have been feeling like a certain someone will be having her baby really soon! Don't forget to let us know when he arrives...

I am soooo looking forward to this week being over. I feel like summer needs to be here 100%. I want the lake and picnics and hanging out late in the back yard and the sound of children playing until the sun goes down and no early morning wake ups ( I will still wake up but I won't have to wake anyone else up.).

We are supposed to be getting some thunderstorms later this afternoon... we will see. I can't wait for it! I know, I am one of those crazy storm loving people... as long as it isn't snow!

Okay, house cleaning here I come... as soon as I dry my hair and brush my teeth... and ?????

P.S. Mark took most of the photos in the previous post. I edited them. Thanks for all of the really nice comments about the photos.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Finally some photos and an update...

WE have been taking a lot of pictures lately. I love some of the shots. Now, I am slowly... and when I say slowly, I mean like a snail... trying to learn how to use this new photo editing program. This thing is kicking my behind! But, I will prevail... I think... I'm pretty sure... yeah, I will.

AWwwwwwww..... Do you hear that?

That is the sound of finishing the school year.

We are in an interesting state this year. I have one child who finished yesterday, another who graduates next wednesday, and two others who will finish sometime next week. The daughter who finished yesterday... Sydnee... was my biggest priority this year so... I will not know what to do with all of my time.

Oh, that is not true. I can already hear the laundry calling me and the closets need to be cleaned out... big time. I also know that I can't wait to get out and play with the kids a little. I love to go out hiking with them and watch them discover new things.

By the way, the waterfall stopped running yesterday. That means we are seriously into late spring. I guess most of the snow up there has melted and is no more. Good. That's all I have to say about that.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Please Endulge Me...

Dear Blog...

I feel like I have been ignoring you lately. I am sorry. You see, Sydnee is almost finished with her school year. We should be finished by Thursday. We are in the final push to get everything completed that we wanted to accomplish this year. I am exhausted.

I know this is not a good excuse to ignore you, but something had to give. I promise to give you some undivided attention starting this weekend. Besides, you will enjoy next week when you hear abut Bampa and Grandma visiting and Cheyenne graduating from high school.

Please endulge me at this present time. I will make it up to you... I promise.

Totally devoted to you,

Sunday, May 17, 2009


We need to break out the camera and get some pictures of this beautiful day!

But first...

My nephew Ben graduated from William Jessup University!!

Congrats Ben!!!!!

Okay, beautiful day pictures to follow another time...

Friday, May 15, 2009

They don't know?

They still don't know what is wrong with my hubby.

They think it could be muscle strain? Seriously? After 4 weeks? Are you kidding me?

They think it could possibly be a hernia? But, probably not, unless it is very small...

He is supposed to rest (he won't) for the weekend and see how it is on Monday. If it isn't better they are sending him to the surgeon... Why? I don't know. He didn't ask. I wanted to come with him but he was... embarrassed. I told him that I have bared it all for hundreds of people each time I gave birth to one of his children... I mean, come on... it is like a spectator show for some of these deliveries... but, no... please was his answer.

Pray, Pray, Pray...

I want monday to come and for him to see some real improvement so there will be no surgeon.

Pack Up Your Troubles in Your Old Kit Bag...

Mark visits the doctor today... this afternoon... 4 1/2 hours from now.........

He is worried.

I can see it in his eyes... and he has told me.

I love this man, so I worry as well. But... my job for now, is to be postitive and keep him feeling as positive as possible.

This may be nothing... right?

A blog friend reminded me yesterday about Jeremiah 29:11.

God has this all in control.


Thursday, May 14, 2009

Brysen vs. the Tree...

Having girls and only girls for such a long time (16 years to be exact)... I feel that I was deprived of some very important life lessons.
Wednesdays are field trip days for the littles. While we are finishing up school, Mark takes the littles out to have a little fun. Yesterday, they went to the park to fly kites.
While at the park, my son (captain amazing) decided that he needed to... well... pee.
So, very unlike what girls will do ( because we would have rushed to the car and ran to the nearest bathroom), he and his father proceeded to head for the nearest tree! He didn't actually...ahem... use the tree. (Self conscience little booger) However, he was very proud of himself for giving it a good try.
I am sure that next winter, I will find his name written in the snow!

Proud doesn't begin to describe it.
(rolling on the floor laughter might be a better way to describe it)

Please Pray...

I love this man.
He is one of those men who downplays every sickness (except a cold... those knock him out... weird, huh?) He will walk around with a broken bones saying that it doesn't hurt or, "I'm fine." You never really know when to take some thing seriously with him. So, for a few weeks, he has been telling me about this pain and I have been begging him to go to the doctor. He finally agreed... which is a miracle all by itself.
They originally thought it was kidney stones, but that wasn't the case. Now, they are sending him off to the urologist to get checked out. He goes to see this guy tomorrow.
Please, keep him in your prayers.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Oh Tooth Fairy...

Daughter #5
This girls is keeping the tooth fairy in business.
Mark likes to say that the tooth fairy has to go take out a loan every time she looses another tooth. At the moment, she is missing 3 teeth. I don't even know how she eats her food. There are holes everywhere in her mouth.
Let me tell you, though, that this girl is a blessing. She is kind and loving and giving... very giving. She will help you with anything. She loves her family. She makes her parents very happy.
She has been in the process of learning a million flips on the trampoline. She is so good! I mean, as good as a lot of those girls you see trailing off to gymnastics every other day!! She can do front flips and back flips and flips with twists! It scares me to watch her sometimes. I don't know why... I used to be able to do all of those flips when I was her age... but now, as the mother it is frightening to watch.
Aubrey, we love you!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

my in-laws...

I love my in-laws!
They are wonderful, loving people. They love to have a good time. They love to hang out with people. They are very much the social butterflies. I don't know that they see themselves that way, but to me... Oh yeah, social butterflies.
My mother in-law is great at throwing a party. She has great ideas and is able to put together amazing events.
She belongs to a group called the Red Hat Ladies. I don't really know why, but they decided to have a Alice in Wonderland party. She sent us some photos and... WOW!
That's my mother in-law... as Alice.
I guess my father in-law (Bampa) got to be the sexy server boy.
Okay, now my kids are laughing and saying "ewww", afterall this is their Bampa.
I just have to say, this man is 79 years old. I think anyone would be proud to look this good at his age. I mean, he is the most active guy I know! No kidding!

I just wanted to say, that I love these people.
They are awesome! When you need someone to listen, they are there. When you need some ideas for a craft, party, anything really... they are there.
I hear stories all of the time about people who can't stand their spouses family. I guess I am just blessed.
I know
I am a lucky woman.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Funniest thing I heard this week...

Dad: I just wanted to tell you that I have really enjoyed your attitude this week. You have been a pleasure to be around.

Daughter: That is because I have been deeply depressed this week.

Oh the JOY!



When they are bad...

They are horrible.

For 2 days I have suffered.

But for this very moment...

I am almost pain free.

Oh the JOY!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Life goes on...

Sometimes, people disappoint us greatly. After we have a moment to catch our breath and process how people we trusted turned out to be... well, not what we thought they were...
we have to pick ourselves up by the bootstraps and move on with the business of living.
This day was the first sign of life. I saw smiles and laughter. Don't get me wrong, there were also tears and grief, but difinite progress.
Cadi decided not put things off... so, we got busy going through her boxes and removing everything she considered part of the old life.

There was something very theraputic about it. I watched my daughter get a little of herself back. I don't think any of us realized just how much of herself had been set aside for someone else. Someone who didn't cherish what had been given to them.

Five years is a long time... for any of us.

In the end, people can fail us. People can turn out to be not what they presented themselves to be. This is painful. This is also part of life. The challenge is to remain a person of integrity when it sometimes seems that everyone around us (the people we love) are taking a different path.

I'm sure there are more tears ahead. Grief takes its time.
Each day brings new emotions.
Life goes on.

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Jeremiah 29:11

"For I know the plans I have for you,"
declares the Lord,
"plans to prosper you and not to harm you,
plans to give you hope and a future..."