Friday, May 29, 2009

The Skies the Limit...

May 27, 2009
On this day, my second oldest daughter graduated from high school. Now, as many of you have read before, this wonderful young lady (and I mean that... she is amazing) has struggled BIG time with school. It did not come easy to her. She fought, HARD, for every single grade she received... even the grades that most people really are not proud of. About a year and a half ago, her dad and I sat down and discussed how we really didn't think graduation was possible. (maybe she could have graduated in a year or two but not now)
We talked about what our choices were and how we were really sad that this just might not take place. Something happened to this girl at the end of her junior year...
Suddenly, she could see the light at the end of the tunnel. She went to talk to her councelor... again... and started doing packets to make up for classes that she had failed. She worked hard. She didn't laze around over the summer break, but continued making up classes. She still struggled, but at least she was passing. Her senior year started, and this girl was determined to make it a great year. Her school councelor started wondering if she trusted him to do his job because she went in on a daily basis to check with him about her graduation status. She didn't want to get to the end of the year and find out she still had a class hanging out there that she hadn't made up.
We reluctantly purchased her graduation invitations and ordered her cap and gown. It may sound bad, but we had seen this before and just didn't know if she would follow through. We had a mini celebration when she actually received her cap and gown, but we have seen other students who still didn't receive a diploma even at this point.
I held my emotions in... not wanting to be too disappointed if she needed to do a second "senior" year. Grandma and Bampa flew in for the ceremony... and Mark and I still weren't sure it was going to happen.
When we arrived at the event center for the ceremony, I felt really nervous. I was afraid she wouldn't walk out with the rest of the class... the first thing I did was check the program to see if her name was there. It was!!! Cheyenne Frisbee was there for all to see. Mark and I pointed it out to each other and reminded ourselves that something could still go wrong...

I was on pins and needles when the music began and the students began walking in. Everyone was standing and cheering for their students... but I still hadn't seen mine. Suddenly, I heard one of the kids say, "There she is!"
I looked up and saw my daughter... the one who had struggled and fought, walking into the events center in her cap and gown... on the arm of a fellow student.
I started to cheer and scream her name but instead... I started bawling like a big baby. I cried so hard! Mark and I hugged each other... we had made it. She had acheived her victory.
Suddenly, I was thinking back to two and half years ago... when she had been in a major car accident and very nearly lost her life. I thought about how this could have been a very different day for us. But, here we were... celebrating her acheivement. She glowed when she looked up at us. I don't think I have ever seen her look so amazing!

Above: There was a speaker at the graduation... some board of education member... who spoke forever!!! about coins and all of the words on a coin... BORING... we took a small nap... at least we felt like it.
Below: Chey is the one in the black hat. It says, "I DID IT!"

Below: Chey is waiting to have her name card handed to the announcers.... and then receive her diploma!!!!
OHHHH... the anticipation....

She may be freaking out a little right now...

And then... they announced it... the thing we had all been waiting for...
Cheyenne D. Frisbee
...ham it up, baby, it is your moment to shine!

One of our good friends and neighbors just happens to be on the school board. We were hoping that she would be able to give Cheyenne her diploma, but when it was Chey's turn the other gentleman was handing out diplomas... but...
Our friend pushed him aside and said this was her favorite student... so Yippee...

Then it was over...

Just like that...

So, it was picture time. Here is Chey with Bampa and Grandma.

... with mom and dad

...with mom

...with some of the sisters

We went home, had cake and icecream, opened presents (money, clothes, laptop, etc).

The next day, we noticed that Chey seemed to be in a different world. She really wasn't sure what to do with herself. This goal that she had been so focused on for such a long time had been met. She had done it.

Now what?

You know what I think?...

Watching how hard she had to work to get that diploma...

the skies the limit.

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