Tuesday, March 31, 2009

a jumping good time...

A few days ago... before the snow started falling again and the household started contaminating each other with yet another sickness... the kids had a really nice afternoon of jumping on the trampoline.
Brysen and Lily love to jump. Brysen isn't afraid of anything. He has even attempted a flip or two.

The real joy of the day was watching Aubrey master her front and back flips. She has been working really hard at mastering these. Yippee! She finally got it.

I think we were all as excited for her as she was for herself.

Great Job!
**now, as soon as I can get a few minutes to upload some photos I will show you what the family did last sunday.

Monday, March 30, 2009

I'm not being blog neglectful...

I just can't seem to get my husband well.

No, really...

I mean, we are used to me being sick all of the time. Although not nearly as much as I used to be.

I just can't get the poor boy completely well!

I thought he was mending and then he came in from work and was oh so sick. Poor honey. He is really congested and his nose is bright red. He said he is really sore, too. I sent him to a hot shower and then straight to bed. Hopefully, just maybe... if I cross my fingers and pray just right and take three steps back for every 5 forward... he may finally get over this.

Poor Aubrey isn't feeling well either. Those two have really shared their germs with each other this winter. Hopefully the rest of us will stay healthy. Although, I did hear Brysen coughing earlier. I had better stay well... who is going to take care of this bunch if we are all down?

Cadi, if we all get sick.... ummm..... will you come spoonfeed soup to your mommy?

Anyway, the whole point is to let you all know that I am not just ignoring the blog... I am being totally selfless... and caring for the sick!

Okay, I'm exhausted...

I can hear it... Ugg!

Train Horns

Created by Train Horns

Friday, March 27, 2009

in touch again...

I realized tonight how much I miss an old friend.

We used to be pretty close and then stuff just happened and got in the way. You know...family, moves, kids, jobs...

We live really far apart, but chatting on FB has reminded me that I really loved her. It is glad to be in touch again.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


How sweet is this?
I love pics with my kiddos.

We spent what seemed like years cleaning up the yard (about 4 days). It actually looks really brown in this picture, but today I looked outside and was met by the most beautiful green grass that I have seen in an entire year! Well, since early October at least.
Above: Cadi is trying to show up the youngsters. Ummm, sorry Cades, but I think you have lost a little of your amazing flexibility. This is pretty good though. Definitely better than I could do... although I can still do the splits... almost.

This is Chey looking pretty good. Who would have thought that almost three years ago, this girl was in a wheelchair. It is amazing how God takes care of us! Cheyenne is rocking on this trampoline... okay, where you live do the kids call it a tramp? I really can't stand that. It always makes me think of some really undesireable person... know what I mean? However, I can't seem to break all of the kids around here, mine and the neighbors and the whole state probably, from calling the trampoline a tramp.

Enough Chatting...

Today is Mark's annual day to go to SLC and sit in a meeting for hour after hour... on his day off. It's a good thing they are paying him! I miss him. Ofcourse today is also the day that they have forecasted our area to receive over 18 inches of the white stuff. You do not want to be on that freeway when that much snow is coming down around here. Hopefully they will make it a short meeting since my sweety has to travel back up this way.

Aubrey is home sick. Poor girl. She is laying, miserably, on the couch complaining about the worst sore throat she has ever had. I believe her because Mark just got over the worst sore throat he had ever had.

Lily went to the doctor yesterday for her well check and guess what... she is well. They have her 3 shots and so her legs were pretty sore last night. She is a bit dramatic (a bit?) so shots, doctors... all of that stuff doesn't sit well with her. She was happy to get a lollipop and a book. I really like that they send the kid home with a book. It is part of a literacy program that they have going on. So, every single time you go for a visit you get to bring home a book. Good deal!

Sydnee has something going on with one of her feet. Wart? I don't know. It is something hard and almost see through. Wierd. Anyway, we have to see the podiatrist today. Mark was there last week (plantars faciitus). Hopefully this will be a quick fix, whatever it is. This doctor is going to make a fortune off of us.

Chey is jumping for joy. She is in her last trimester of her last year of high school. I know this because she tells me every single day. No kidding. Every. Single. Day. She is probably doing the best she has ever done in school. This, I know because I am so stinking proud of her that I could fly, I tell you! This was not one of those kids that took school seriously or saw a point in it. She is very smart, when she wants to be. She is also very stubborn when she sees something as being a waste of her time or stupid.

Cadi should be going back to work today. She had quite a little vacation with chapter camp (intervarsity) and then a few days off after she returned home. She was out her quite a bit when she first got back, but classes have started again and the dorm called her home.

Miranda is chugging along with school. She is just longing for summer vacation to arrive. You should hear her play the guitar. She is really good. I mean, fantastic actually. I am so proud of her. She has a real ear for music.

Oh, our lovely boy. Man, is he going through a major whine fest faze! Okay, he is 3. I get that. But, wow!! He whines about everything. He loves spending time with his Dad. His favorite thing in the entire world is to go to the "man store". That is what he calls Lowes or Home Depot. He tells me that girls aren't supposed to go there, but I can because I am mom. I guess that means I am not a girl?

Ari is fine and dandy. She is becoming a major joker. She is all smiles and laughter. We love it. WEll, I shouldn't say all... she has a little mean streak in her. I guess with 7 older siblings you have to make your point some way, right?

I am doing really well. I continue with the physical therapy. Hopefully that will end soon. I don't usually feel the back pain anymore unless I am standing still. So, I try not to do that unless I have to.

We borrowed the series Roots from the library. I really wanted the kids to see some of the movies and things that I remember as being amazing from when I was growing up. I know that they will find it interesting. Sydnee was especially excited since she is studying slavery in history right now. I'll let you know what they think of it when we finish it.

Okay, enough chatting. Kids are starting to straggle down here and I need to go be a good mom.

Outta here.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Love it!

Sitting around talking with my girlies is so fun.

I love when they start trying to one up each other with compliments for me!

Love it!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Random thoughts...

My hubby is feeling better today. I am so glad. Things just aren't the same in our home when he is sick. It happens so rarely that it always takes us by surprise. I was on the verge of making him head back to the doctors for another check. Good thing he was feeling better today.

The kids are all doing really well. School is great, health is great... yep, when the kids are all good things are wonderful!

I am so ready for full blown spring, though. I woke up this morning to about 2 inches of snow on the back deck. Yuck! The good thing about most spring snows around these parts is that is doesn't stick around for long. Infact, by noon it was all melted... except it continues to come down. I am sure we will accumulate some more by tomorrow morning. Hopefully, this week will be the last stand for winter of 08-09.

I have a to do list that is about ten miles long written out. This list consists of all of the things I would like to get done over the warm months. We probably won't get to all of them, but if we even accomplish half of them, I figure that is a really big deal. There is just so much to do when you have this many people. I wouldn't change a thing, though.

I heard from my dad a few days ago and things are starting to pick up for him again. Hooray. This last winter was really hard on his business.

My Aunt Betty, the one who had her lower leg amputated last summer, will finally be getting her prosthetic in the next couple of weeks. She has finally healed enough to be fitted for it. I am so excited for her. She wants to be up and walking around again. There is just no stopping her! Good girl.

The house seems so very quiet right now. The three little ones are all down for their nap. Miranda is on the the computer downstairs finishing her school day. Sydnee is playing quietly in the kitchen. Cheyenne is studying in her room. Mark is taking a nap. Yep, the house is silent.

Except... the dog is snoring.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Forgive ourselves... for growing up...


We are adjusting to being outside again.

That sounds strange to say.


There always seems to be a few weeks (2 or 3) where the kids cry everytime they step on some crispy grass. (which it all is at the moment because it has been crushed under snow for the last few months)

After a couple of weeks they will get used to being out there playing and then their feet will toughen up. Or... maybe the grass isn't crispy anymore... who knows.

All I know is that I have heard a lot of crying and complaining about stepping on "crispy" grass today.


I don't care! I love being outside! I love the warm weather! I love the kids running around outside getting dirty and worn out so they sleep really good at night!

This picture has absolutely nothing to do with this post...
I just like it.
...and that's how I roll.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

sleeping on the couch...

I spent the night sleeping on the couch...

No, Mark and I are not fighting...

and even if we were, neither of us would sleep on the couch.

That just doesn't happen around here.

We rarely fight (anymore) but when we do it usually settled by bedtime and even if we can't stand the sight of each other at that moment, neither of us takes it seriously enough to give up our comfy bed.

I spent the night on the couch because my sweet husband is sick.

Not the, "oh my tummy doesn't feel good... I must be sick" kind of sickness...

But, the...

My temperature is 103 and I am boiling and I just don't feel good. My throat hurts, my body hurts, save me... please!

So, I stayed on the couch so he would be more comfy in the bed and his fever wouldn't keep me sweating all night long. I checked on him every couple of hours and he survived.

The funny thing is...

This man rarely gets sick... but when he does... he does it well!

Friday, March 20, 2009

30 second moods of a two year old...

The 30 second moods of a two year old keep you on your toes.

You never know if you will be dealing with a mad devil, angry screamer or a cuddly angel.

Sometimes their glaring eyes make you feel about 2 inches tall.

Sometimes a two year old can look at you in "hatred" one second and then rub their eyes and tell you they are "sweepy" and would you hold them, pwease.
At that point, you sometimes get a cute little smile and it takes all the badness away. Suddenly, you remember how great this kid is. Suddenly, you just want to sweep them up in your arms and never let them go.


Oh my goodness, how could I have forgotten?!

Today is the first day of Spring! I am so happy... even though snow is forcasted for monday.

I love this time of year. Love, love, love it!

Happy Spring to all of You!

Say us... Mean Him...

My husband started cleaning up our front bathroom the other day. We, and when I say we I mean He, started painting the walls yellow and sanding down the cabinets.
The people who owned this house before us had painted the cabinet the most ugly color of green that I have ever seen.
I thought it was black until I got really close and saw this hideous green color.
I'm not sure what has to be wrong with someone to pick a color like that, but I am sure it is something major.
He has finished sanding the cabinet and painting the first coat of yellow.
After another coat of paint, he is going to put up wainscotting on the lower part of the walls in there. I am so excited about that. I love that look!
So... I can't wait for us (and when I say us I mean him) to finish the bathroom.
(Now before you think I never help him, let me clarify that this is a small bathroom. There would be no way for us to both be in there. Besides, someone has to make sure our boy doesn't dive off the entertainment center or climb out of a window or jump off the roof.)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

The girliest girl in the world turns 11...

She is so full of love and excitement.
Sometimes, I am not quite sure how to handle her.
None of the other girls are as girly as Sydnee. She is definitely her own person.

We are so blessed to have her in our lives. If you are one of the few who knows her birth story, you know she was meant to do something special here. We thank God for the blessing he gave us when he brought her into our lives.

Happy Birthday, little leprechaun!

In My Daughter's Eyes...

In my daughter's eyes,
I can see the future.
A reflection of who I am,
An' what will be.
An' though she'll grow an', some day, leave:
Maybe raise a family,
When I'm gone,
I hope you'll see,
How happy she made me,
For I'll be there,
in my daughter's eyes.
**Martina McBride


Yesterday, was busy.

You know...

One of those days where you schedule too many appointments in too little time.

It was so beautiful yesterday that all I wanted to do was hang out outside. You can't do that when you are sitting in the dentist's chair... or the physical therapists table...

I managed to get outside for about an hour and rake up the most disgusting doggie leftovers from the winter. I will spare you all of the gory details. Let's just say that we have a large back yard and he had used every single bit of space. I had done most of it about a week ago and had the worst area left. I managed to get it done, but not without threatening the dog a couple of times.

The kids have been learning to do flips on the trampoline. One of the kids has become this little flipping bean... jumping bean... flipping bean? Who cares.

The littles managed to get outside and soak up some sun. They always sleep so much better when they can get some sunshine time.

I actually saw some buds coming out on the trees! You just don't know what this does to my heart. I love the warmer weather! Winter is very hard for me. ( too much time spent growing up in the dark Alaska wilderness winters) My body longs for sunshine and warm temperatures.

I talked to my dad the other night and he seems to be doing a lot better. His business is starting to pick up now that the weather is doing better out his way. He seemed so much more positive about everything. I am very relieved. I was a little worried about things out there.

Okay, can you tell that I just want to get to the sunshine today? I am rambling. I know. Sometimes, I just have to drop all of the boring info and get away from the computer. Today is not one of those amazing moments when I post about something random and it turns into something cute or funny. Today is just... random.

Sometimes, that is enough.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

simply because...

When your daughter is 15...
you want to pull your hair out
jump off a bridge
send her to her room for the next 10 years
hide out in your own room
but when you have a really great 15 year old daughter...
you nt to smile
sing joyful songs
hang out with her all of the time
and cry
...simply because she is amazing
(Cadi and Chey... stop whining that I didn't say such nice things about you when you were 15! I love you too, but it is Miranda's turn to be told how amazing she is!)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Monday, March 16, 2009

A Typical Great Day...

We spent the day outside.
The weather was wonderful.
The bigger kids were trying to fix their bikes while the littles were trying to scale the bikes.

I think they were pretending to be a biker dude and his biker babe!

The bikes were fixed. The kids got some much needed time outside with actual sunshine.
The littlest of the bunch doesn't think life is fair!
You know, a typical great day.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

A great week...

This past week was Mark's vacation.
Miranda made him a sign to welcome him home from work last saturday.
Happy Vacation Dad!
We didn't go anywhere "vacationy".
We stayed home and took the kids out in groups to do special things.
Bowling, shopping, skiing...
You know, fun stuff that you can do from home when school is supposed to be happening!
We ate out a few times and went to the coffee shop before getting called home to separate an argument.
It was a great week.
I wish he didn't have to go back to work tomorrow, but all good things must come to and end.
Thanks for a really great week, sweetie!

Friday, March 13, 2009

These are the littles...

Yes, we categorize our children by
1. The big girls
2. The mediums
3. The littles
Ms. Ari is 2 years old.
She is the sweetest, most hugging little girl that will turn around and cross her arms and roll her eyes at you.
I really don't care for that particular behavior.

Lily is 4.
She is so SMART!
I mean keep you on your toes... Oh My Ever Loving Living...
Really Smart!

This is Brysen...

He is 3.

We like to think of him as the joker.

He is the biggest crack up around.

To give you an example of his sense of humor...

Today he decided that everyone was a...


Yes, you read it right...

Not a popcycle.

Not a bicycle.


I am sure that those of you who have raised a few boys will probably tell me that this is common among those that are part of the boys club.

Remember, however, that our subscription to this club is only 3 years old.

I am very familiar with the girls club. I know all of the rules and can read all of the signs.

This club is a whole new world to me.

It's a good thing I find butt jokes funny, I guess.

So... for those of you who have been a part of this club for years,

Nice to meet you...... you buttcycles.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Signs of Spring...

I took these pictures on a day that was so spring like that we were all outside in our short sleeves, riding bikes, skating and hanging out in the yard.

The next day, the snow fell... again... and we had about 8 or 10 inches of the white stuff covering everything.
Hey, that is spring in the inner mountain region.

I am just so encouraged to see little green shoots coming up from the brown earth!
It makes me smile.
Now the snow is almost gone... again.
Every single snow storm we have had this year has been the really heavy, wet snow.
I know...
some of you are saying, "Isn't all snow wet?"
technically yes...
No... not really. Sometimes it is just sopping wet and makes the really easilly formed snowballs that you can ream your children with... what? Who said that? I would NEVER do that...
Every snow this year was really wet and it caused a lot of damage to the trees around here. We had a couple of neighbors trees come down on our fence and there are branches down all over the place.
Mark spent a day cutting, trimming, pulling...
and then that aforementioned snow fell. Now, he is just waiting for it all to melt so he can load it into the back of the truck and haul it away to the green waste.


That is just a small portion of the damage.

Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Yep... Family Project!


Today while I stay at home with little ones and schooling ones...

my vacationing husband took Miranda and went skiing!

He is having so much fun this week!

I guarantee it!!

I hope they take some ski pictures this time...

Monday, March 9, 2009

Crochet update...

We think we have figured this out... but we may need Grandma Carol's expertise to be sure!

Our Newest Interest...

Let's learn to crochet...

I knew a few basics from my own childhood, but I thought it was time to teach the kids and what better way to improve than to learn together.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Another High School Science Experiment...

Why do all science experiment pictures have to make people look a little crazy?

What was this one about?

It had something to do with iceburgs and the level of salt in the water...

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Friday, March 6, 2009

Sunday Trip to the Zoo...

It was a little chilly when we first arrived,
but a cup of hot chocolate for the kids
and the worst tasting mocha I've ever had
helped warm us up.Look at the beautiful wolf right behind Miranda's head!

We've never gone to the zoo in the cold weather...

but the animals were so much more active than when we usually go in the hot, hot, hot weather.

We loved it!

Brysen named the giraffes...



and Ari...

(Dad was the pooping giraffe... we thought that must mean something)

We all agreed that it was one of the best zoo trips we have ever made.

After the zoo, we went to the park and ate lunch and let the kids run and play at the park.

They were so funny...

jumping, swinging, climbing...

they exhausted themselves!

On the trip home, the kids either slept or totally vegged out.
It was a great day!

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Jeremiah 29:11

"For I know the plans I have for you,"
declares the Lord,
"plans to prosper you and not to harm you,
plans to give you hope and a future..."