Monday, February 8, 2010

Re-Post, for my Daddy...

Back in April of last year, I wrote a blog involving some photos that my dear uncle sent to me.  I wanted to re-post that blog so that my dad would have a chance to check out these photos...

So bear with me while I take a little time to indulge my love of family and old photos...

Old Photos...

My Uncle Dennis was such a sweetie and sent me some old photos of my grandmother and of all of "the boys" when they were younger.
I was so excited to receive these pictures!
I have never seen pictures of my grandmother from her younger years. I only remember visiting her a few times and she was much older then. I was amazed by how pretty she is in this picture. I don't really know why I am amazed... I mean, all of my uncles and my dad are good lookin'... I am not ugly... and my daughter that everyone says looks just like me (a lot of pounds ago) is absolutely gorgeous... so....
Why am I so amazed?!
I am not sure how old she was here. I need to find out. I think she looks like she is late teens or early 20's. Maybe it is a highschool picture...
This is a recent picture of me. Okay, so I know I am about 20 years older than she is in her photo but I think we look alike.
Here is another...
I am the dark headed oldie... but goodie.

And then...
You have my second in line daughter, Cheyenne.

In the photo below, I think she totally resembles her great grandmother.
That is four generations... right? (grandma, my dad, me, her...)

I just think that is so cool!

Okay, I also received pictures of the brothers.

My grandmother had 6 sons. My mother used to tell me that my grandmother had told her... are you still with me... that she had wanted to try for a girl, but by the time my Uncle Donny came along (boy # 6) she just knew it wasn't in the cards for her. (Now I know how I ended up with 7 girls and only 1 boy.)

Above: (top row) Uncle Jim, my dad, Uncle Dennis
Grandma in the middle
(bottom row) Uncle Michael, Uncle Donny, Uncle Danny
Now... I know I am totally boring you, but I love old photos and I love anything to do with my family history. I just don't know enough about all of them and their history.
Okay, this is a picture of (left to right) My dad, Uncle Dennis, Uncle Jim
Uncle Dennis reminded me that Uncle Jim's real name... I think is Julius. I had forgotten all about that, but I know I had heard that before somewhere.
Below is a picture that I saw when I visited my dad last year. He told me that it was taken a few years ago when Uncle Dennis had come out to Missouri for a bit.
Left to right: Uncle Dennis, My Dad, Uncle Jim
Grandma is in the front.
I don't have the opportunity to ask grandma about her own story. I wish I did. I learned after losing my grandmother and my own mother in 2007 that you need to ask those questions and preserve those memories.
Okay, I'm done boring you with what amazes me.
Do me a favor, though. Check into your own history. Ask those questions that you won't be able to ask after your loved ones are gone.
... and THANK YOU Uncle Dennis... means the world to me.

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  1. I agree completely that your daughter looks just like your grandmother. You look like her, too. I love looking at the similarities in family pictures. Just this past summer, my grandmother and my sister were visiting me and my sister took a picture of my grandma and I. I was amazed at how much I look like her. It really suprised me. So, thank you for posting pictures of your family. History is important and our children need to know as much as they can about it.


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