Saturday, September 5, 2009

Pre-school at Our House...

So, by now, you probably know that we homeschool. We believe wholeheartedly in homeschooling. That is not to say that my older kids never went to a public school... in fact, my oldest was never homeschooled. However, even she will tell you that she can see the benefit of it. I am amazed that my kid was among the very top students in her graduating class and yet, she really struggles with some areas. I never had a teacher tell me that she had any struggles or needed to work on anything. Everytime we met with a teacher it was to inform us of what a great kid she was... and still is.
My second daughter had a mix of homeschool and public school. She will tell you that she wishes she had been homeschooled all the way through! Yeah, so do I!!
I won't go into all of the details of why we homeschool and how we feel about the public school system. It would take too much time and start too many arguments. Let's just say, that I firmly believe that what we are doing the best thing for our family.

This year, we have 3 pre-schoolers. Their ages are 4,3 and 2.
They are amazing! They love learning and have made leaps and bounds. I constantly get comments from people who are so surprised that they are as young as they are because they are really smart.
One of their favorite activities this year has been to frost squares. We were learning all about squares and decided that square graham crackers would be a great treat... if they had some frosting on them. So, the kids had a blast ( a messy one) while frosting their snack.

We have also made zebra cakes, decorated with black and white stripes...

They love everything we do in school, but they really love their special snacks!

What kid doesn't, right?

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