Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter 2010...

Just some quick shots of our Easter preperations...

We (and by we I mean my sweet hubby and the kids) dyed eggs.  I have never been a fan of egg dyeing and am so glad that the hubby enjoys it... now don't get me wrong... I have done my share, but I would rather take pictures of the process... Besides, someone had to take care of the babies.
Miranda and I were on baby watch during the egg coloring.

They colored 5 dozen eggs.
I think I just heard an audible gasp from you!

No, really people...
Not only is it easier to just give them a dozen or so to color... but these kids love eggs!  They will be in egg heaven for a few days!

Yes, in our kitchen is a teeny tiny table that the littles eat their lunch at... and it serves as an extra meal prep place.  This seems to be the best place for egg coloring.

I love how excited the little ones are this year!

They seem to think the whole thing is fantastic!
They are amazed at each egg they pull out.
They can't wait to see what cool new thing they can create.
What great imaginations!

And then....

EASTER 2010!!!!!!!!

There are eggs out there!

Get 'em...

This boy understood how things worked this year and made the most of it!

Cheyenne came over and brought "the boyfriend" as we call him.  They were a great help when it came time to hide the eggs.

The best part of the day (besides the whole resurrection thing) was spending time with my loves...

Cadi and Galen...
You missed out!
And we missed you!

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Jeremiah 29:11

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