Saturday, August 14, 2010

Vegetables With Grandpa...

We didn't get out here in time to put in our own garden...

and I had to leave what I had planted behind in Utah.

However, my dad had planted some cantaloupe and cucumbers.

The kids love going out there and picking the veggies...
now please don't write to inform me that they have seeds and so they are fruit.
I will not listen to you.
I will not.
I will ignore you while I peel and eat a lovely cucumber with my kids.

We have a turtle or ground hog that has been snacking on our cantaloupe...

I love this photo.
The kids working together to bring in the harvest...

It was so hot and the pot was heavy, but they worked together to get it to the kitchen.

It just makes me smile!

The best thing about all of the cucumbers is that the kids are filling up on them.

My dad breaks out his trusty knife and peels them right there in the yard...
The kids find a seat and eat the whole thing.

How much better can a snack get!

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  1. I don't think there is a better snack. :) When I was little, we always had a big garden. I enjoyed picking everything..well until the day I got bit by a tomatoe catepillar..then I wasn't so happy about things.

    I came to your blog thru the mega family have a beautiful family. We also have 8 kids, ranging in age from 17 yrs to 2 yrs.


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