Monday, August 2, 2010

Burning Hot...

Trying to clean the kitchen... still.  However, if a kitchen has been uncleaned for a long while and you live in the country... there is this thing that happens.........................

mouse poop!


I am finding that I can only handle so much of it in a day.  Therefore, I am not getting things put in their places as quickly as usual.  We will get it done in time, but not yet.

We went to a house of a friend of my dad yesterday and the kids played in the pool.  Oh boy!  Did they have a blast!  Now they are outside playing in a smaller pool that was given to us by the same people.  How nice!  The weather is soooo hot!  The news said this is the hottest week that we have had all summer!!!  HOLY MOLY!  I guess I will have to plant my feet in the pool... or go buy a big pool at the store or something.  I thought it was bad already! 

I took the long walk to the mailbox a while ago... I think I will save that walk for a cooler time when I get the hankering to take that walk again.

Mark started his job last friday.  He likes the route.  He likes the people he works with.  He loves being at home with the crew.  There is just so much to be done around here that he feels guilty when he is at work.  But... someone has to bring home the bacon so those muchkins out there can eat.

We went to church yesterday.  We LOVED it!  What a great group of people.  I had forgotten that finding a good home church doesn't have to be like pulling teeth... very slowly and never reaching the end.  It was just a pleasure.

My dad stops in a couple times a day during his work day... you know, to pick up equiptment and stuff... so we get to hang out with him a fair bit.  He brings a big box of icecream bars for all of us to share in the hot afternoon... the kids think he is cool!

The horse tried to buck Aubrey off the other day.  She held on so well.  She is a natural.  We are very proud of how quickly she has taken to riding him.  The other big girls like to ride as well, but they just need to relax a bit.

Okay... I need to check on my water monkeys out there.

I hope you are enjoying your burning hot summer days...... I know we are!

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