Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July...

We woke up on the 4th to a cloudy and humid day.... but, it could have been 9 million degrees so...
We decided to go to the North Ogden "Cherry Days" parade. You know, one of those small town parades that can be... well, good or bad.
Let's just say, this is the best parade I have ever been to... and I have been to A LOT...
Before the parade began, the motorcycle cops were cruising the edges of the crowds giving high fives to anyone that wanted one... of course all of my kids jumped right out there and lifted their hands for a high five.

We started by sitting on the oposite side of the street from this picture, but it was way to crowded so we switched sides. This was a great decision... thanks honey!

My children... ever the showman... were out in the street dancing for the crowds.
Where do they get this stuff... (looking around) anyone?...

then it began... the sirens and water spraying and candy throwing and...

hugs from big major cheeto stuffed people! Brysen was so excited. The Cheeta tried to high five him but Bry ran straight into his arms and held on for dear life!
Man, you'd think we don't love on this little guy or something...

Dancers, dancers and more dancers.
Aubrey and Ari were right out there dancing.
Is there anything cuter than a 2 year old dancing in the street?

I wish you could see the bouncing going on in this photo... tis girl has some serious rhythm.

Brysen is trying to figure out why in the world a moose is in swim trunks and roller blades...
I will have to keep thinking on that one.

One woman was handing out footballs. Brysen wanted one so badly that he almost got ran over by a float when he ran out to tell the woman he wanted one.

And all of the candy...
This boy had his pockets stuffed!
And that is what he didn't stuff in his mouth first!

Most importantly...

He never, ever let go of his football!

After the parade we went home and put the kids down for a nap. Mark and I went to a car show and walked around picking out our favorites. We went out shopping with Miranda and Brysen. After running around we came home and bbq'd. That was the best summery dinner we have had so far this year... the yummiest corn on the cob was devoured! We went in the back and played soccer with the whole family and then headed to the big fireworks display. What a show! When we returned home, we had soda pop cake and put all the kids to bed. I joined them and slept like a baby.

What a great day!

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