Thursday, December 17, 2009

Birthday Celebration...

Miranda asked for homemade bread bowls and potato soup/corn chowder.

How could I turn her down?

Especially when it is her birthday...

...and I love potato soup and bread bowls!

I think she loves it too...

She also asked for a soda pop cake.

Oh, baby!

This day alone may add 10 pounds!

You only turn 16 once, right?!

I couldn't waste the cake on my fingers...

Daddy loved this picture.

Our oldest girl and our youngest girl.

We are so blessed to have Cadi actually want to join us through the computer for these family celebrations!

What a blessing to have raised such wonderful young women!

Cadi gave Miranda a beautiful scarf...

We probably will see her wearing that to church this sunday.

... and the tradition continues...

Grandma and Bampa gave her money... always loved... she already has plans for it.

They gave her a figurine that has been given an important place in her room...

and they gave her a key chain for when she takes her drivers test and gets the keys to the cars.

Momma and Daddy then gave her...

bom bom bom...

a really nice guitar case!

She has been asking for one of these for over a year!

The smile on her face was the biggest thank you!


Look down the table at the beautiful faces...

God knew just what I have always needed.

Even when I didn't know it...

He did.

Happy, Sweet 16 my wonderful daughter!

I wish I could put into words how much I love you and how truly blessed I am to have you.

Some day you will know.

You will understand that what you feel for your daughter is what I feel for you...

For now, I will just say I love you and...

Happy Birthday!


  1. oh this post made me cry - especially the part about your oldest "wanting" to be a part of those celebrations - loved it! Thanks for the inspiration!!

  2. It is so precious when the older children can be with the younger ones. I know in our family the little ones love it. When I had my last baby 4 years ago this week she didn't even get to see her oldest sister and brother until she was 4 months old. And that was at our son's wedding in another state and our oldest daughter had already had her own baby. You have a lovely family.


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