Friday, December 18, 2009

Gingerbread Houses...

I am truly sorry about the pictures that are not sharp and amazing... but sometimes you just have to get in the mix and have a little fun... and not worry about being the mom who is always trying to get the "right" photo...


The kids made gingerbread houses...

to show us their building skills and to eat a great treat.

The all gathered around the table and had a blast...

icing on noses was a big hit...

because being messy is aways fun!

They built 'em...

They ate 'em...

They were happy!


  1. How cute that is with the messy noses. My little girls when baking will smear flour on their faces and take a picture!! It's funny because all I have to do is walk into my kitchen to see things are happening I don't need to look at my child's face!!! But they are "really" cooking if they don't look the part.

  2. Fun! That's on our agenda for tomorrow since we're snowed in now with inches and inches of the pretty white stuff :)


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