Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas 2009 Photos...

On Wednesday night (the 23rd) we had our church Christmas service.

I loved this!

That meant our Christmas Eve was free to do our family stuff!  Very nice.

The Choir sang.  Sydnee, Aubrey and Brysen all sing in the kids choir.  There was a family emergency for the choir director so we were missing some kids and the director.  However, the kids were amazing and pulled it off really well!

I sang worship and played one song so Christianna could do... other stuff.

The second the service was over, we all ran to the bathrooms and changed into walking in the snow clothes.  We headed over to the Christmas Village and froze to death while checking out the displays.  The lights were beautiful... but, honestly people, it was soooooooooo cold!

The next day (Christmas Eve) we had a ton of stuff planned.  We eat our big meal on Christmas Eve.  This allows our Christmas day to be for present opening and relaxing.

The kids had a surprise craft planned. 

They made Dad and I shirts with all of the kids names and handprints on them...


This was so special that "waterworks mom" cried... again!

There was time for a bit of reading...

Dinner was soooo yummy!  But, we all ate too much and felt horrible afterwards.

Just so Galen knows we aren't just making it up...

We then gathered around the computer and watched the Hawaii Bowl.

Cadi's boyfriend was in Hawaii with his team... playing in the Hawaii Bowl. 

No, they didn't win... but we had the best time looking for shots of Galen on tv!

During halftime, we put on our family recital.

The medium girls showed off their guitar skills!

I was very impressed.

Miranda recited a couple of poems.

The littles sang "Santa Claus is Coming to Town".

Daddy read, "Twas the Night Before Christmas".

We all sang, "The Twelve Days of Christmas".

...while doing the motions that we have made up...

I snapped this picture before heading to bed that night.

I think the picture of the stockings is hilarious...

Then Christmas Day arrived!!!

We started in our normal way...

by reading the Christmas story out of the book of Luke.

Then Daddy asked if Cadi would take on the job of handing out presents since he can't read the tags without his glasses...

She joyfully accepted!

We are one of those families that takes turns opening presents.  We start with the youngest (Ari) and then move up the line.  This way, everyone gets to see what the others received and it makes our present opening morning last for two or three hours.

So much fun!

Hugs get handed out when someone opens a gift from a sibling that they really liked.

Cadi would read the tag...

"This is from whoever to Ari..."

Ari would raise her hand and say, "Me, Me, me..."

How cute!

Grandma Carol made the girls dolls!

They are adorable!

The girls were so excited!

The dolls have rarely been out of their hands since then!

Later that day when we were talking to Grandma on the phone...

Grandma assured us that she would NEVER make these dolls again because of all the work they involved.

Now you have 5 older girls who are very jealous...

They will get over it!

Miranda opened some lotion and went to smell it...

and it came bubbling up and coated her nose!

Smell good, Miranda?

The cutest thing in the world was that Grandma Carol made Raider some new clothes!

Now, Raider will expect this every year...

He is a little selfish that way...

My husband surprised me by making me this beautiful woodwork piece.

I love it!

I can't wait to get some stain or paint on it and get it on the mantle.

There were smiles everywhere!

It was just the best day!

Brysen got a couple of dressup hats and decided to show us his "character" faces.

The army guy scares me a little...

Miranda mastered the guitar...

and so now she must master the ukelele.

Brysen is a dress up boy!

He loves wandering around in army, doctor, fireman, cowboy... princess...


So, Grandma, you did very well!

I hope all of you had an amazing holiday!

Merry Christmas!

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