Saturday, September 25, 2010

Homecoming Parade...

Friday was Homecoming...

and therefore, the Homecoming Parade.

Now, I know that some of you live in areas like I used to...
where you think your school has some spirit...
and you think your town isn't too bad...

I am declaring that people around here are HUGE supporters of their school and their town.
There is pride in their community.
They love it here and so do I.

Miranda participated in building her classes float.
She spent many, many hours down there putting this thing together.
She is sooo tired, but glad that she was a part of it.
The kids who helped put the float together were allowed to be a part of the float.
This is such an important thing for a kid who is new to the community.  You have got to be out there getting to know people... because every other person around has know EVERY other person in town since conception!

The middle school chose 20 kids to ride on one of the fire trucks.
Somehow, Sydnee managed to be #19...
Lucky girl.
Anyone who knows Syd, knows that she was over the moon!
Which means that this already talkative young lady NEVER shut her mouth from the second she was chosen until she had told us about 500 times what it was like to ride up there!
And even then...
I had to tell her that we had already heard the story and could probably tell it ourselves since we were there!

As usual, for our family, we arrived  a little early.

We managed to snag a parking spot right on Main Street and let the kids hang out on the street and in the back of the van.  They loved it!

I kept taking pictures from our spot...down the road to where the parade would begin.  If you notice, there are a lot of cars, but not people at first... and then it gets busier and busier.

I think the picture below was about 5 minutes before the parade began...

People are just coming out and getting serious about finding their spots.
I loved how everyone just stood along the side of the street and talked with friends and family.  No one argued over their spots or felt like there wasn't enough room
I was really surprised by how many people were there.  It felt like 2000 people where standing along that road.  Maybe more!

This is the High School band.
12 kids.
They sound really good!

Football players, Galen...
Football is serious business around here!
You don't mess with football in this area.
If you don't like football...  You keep it to yourself!

The firetruck was pretty close to the front of the parade.
Syd was there with a huge smile on her face.
She threw us tons of candy...
just like she had been instructed to do.

Candy in the face?
Oh, yeah!

The kids have a bike decorating contest.
I loved the kids who were dragging bears behind there bikes.
We were playing the bears that night.

Last years homecoming queen and her escort....
I happen to play in the worship band with both of them.
Hey Katelyn and Travis!

Anyone want to play
Whack a Bear?

Here comes  Miranda!
She is one of the dice walking alongside the float.

They did an amazing job with the floats.

I loved that the alumni from years gone by had a float and they carried signs that showed their graduation year.  It was cool to see how proud they all still are of their hometown and school.

... and would any post be complete without some pictures of my crazy munchkins?

That's how it works...

Aubrey tries to "control" the situation...
while Brysen and Ari wreak havic...
and Lily tries to wreak a little havic... but not get caught.

Brysen and Ari don't care if they get caught.
They just think its fun!


By the way...

We did NOT win...

but that doesn't dampen our town spirit a bit!

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  1. What fun pictures! Took a few minutes to catch up on your blogging, since I've been neglecting my own shamefully, it's OK that I have been reading other's as well, right?!? LOL...just wanted to say WOW, you've been busy! I've been praying for you, I know all of the changes in your life lately haven't been pleasant ones, hang in there! I know you know this already, but every mother loves to hear it again and again. Your children are beautiful...inside and out. You are blessed!!
    Hugs, ~K~


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